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Python 3 Intermediate

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This course aims to build strong foundation in Python programming, with introduction to language syntax, and also to provide end-to-end experience building a Python application by writing a useful, real life application.

Participants will learn fundamental of Python 3 language, and with instructor’s guidance, apply it to solve real-life problem : to collect data by web scraping a website. The project is part of data analytics phase : acquiring data.

This is a blended learning style, where participants will learn with face to face sessions, and self-paced online sessions. Self-paced session will be spread 15-30 mins per day. There will be evaluation at the end of each module, where result will be recorded and can be downloaded later for review.


Computer savvy, know how to install software / application, know how to use text editor.


Install Python3
Using and configuring Python IDE
Python Basics
Data types
Control Flow
Conditional logic
Exception Handling
Data Structures
Modules and Packages
Object Oriented Programming
Class, Constructor, and Object instantiation
Private Variables and Access Modifier
Collections and Iterator
Real world Python
How to use libraries
Using Python documentation
Virtual Environment
Automation project with Python
Inspect HTML and CSS elements of a web application
Connecting to web application
Using Python language construct to build parser class
Save parsing result to file

Course Staff

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More than 14 years experience doing development for large MNCs

Frequently Asked Questions

Which version of Python will be used?

We will use Python 3.6 for this lesson.